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Maths Quest M Level® ERP®


Henderson Secondary School

We believe our students have enjoyed your programme very much. The pacing of the programme was just right and the students were engaged with the hands on activities. The design element incorporated into your programme, as suggested by Charles, worked very well and made our students more engaged in making the rocket.

The launching of the first few rounds of rockets caused quite some excitement. There was cheering and clapping, so much so, that even other staff was wondering what caused the commotion. Our students were quite amazed that their rockets can fly! They were quite excited and couldn't wait for their turn.

I was also very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by your staff. There was a lot of detailed and forward planning which took into account even the smallest of details. Initially, I was a little apprehensive about the engagement of such a large cohort of students, but after the programme started, I was reassured because I could see that the trainers were quite experienced and were capable of handling any situation that arose. The trainers were also quite flexible in acceding to requests made by the school.

All in all, the programme was memorable.

- Mrs Tan Wai Ping, TIC PET Rocket 2011
Raffles Institution

The PET Rocket® Science Project is truly a very engaging session where students can see Physics come to life!
It takes learning out of the classroom, builds on concepts already learnt by the students, teaches newer concepts for students to assimilate, and immediately allows the students see the theories applied to a fun real life scenario!

- Mr. Tan Weng Seng, Asst. Department Head, Physics
Admiralty Primary School

Our students enjoyed the Maths Quest programme. They were engaged in the activities and had a lot of fun learning Mathematics beyond the classroom. The facilitators were always ready to help the students. The iPad sessions were also an advantage because students had a different experience learning Mathematics. A job well done Maths Quest!

- Ms. S. Jacintha, Maths Quest TIC 2011