Maths Quest

Let your students exercise judgement and think out of the box today! You’ll be amazed at the increase in interest level & appreciation of Mathematical concepts.

Maths Quest is designed to enable students to appreciate the application of Mathematical concepts in real life situations that we encounter every day. Coupled with the use of ICT devices to further enhance the experience of all participants, Maths Quest has been well-loved by all our learners from both Primary and Secondary schools.

The places that the students visit are carefully chosen to have high National Education (NE) values and accessible to students all around Singapore. Based on the approaches of Multiple Intelligences and Problem Based Learning, learners are encouraged to work as a team to communicate about the challenges they faced and form solutions through collaborative learning.

Admiralty Primary School

Our students enjoyed the Maths Quest programme. They were engaged in the activities and had a lot of fun learning Mathematics beyond the classroom. The facilitators were always ready to help the students. The iPad sessions were also an advantage because students had a different experience learning Mathematics. A job well done Maths Quest!”

- Ms. S. Jacintha, Maths Quest TIC 2011

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SpeedB will Contribute Twenty Cents to the ST Pocket Money Fund for every student sign up for our exclusive school enrichment programs. SpeedB also volunteers and organizes the School Sector of the Tulips Hearts Day in September every year to raise funds for young cancer patients and their families as part of our social enterprise efforts and to allow students to take part in this meaningful activity