Enterprise Resource Point™

Xinmin Secondary School

In general, the instructors in the course were well prepared and serious in their work. The topics covered were practical and relevant to the objectives. The last session was especially helpful because the instructor could reinforce what was taught and encourage the participants to apply what they have learnt in a practical setting.

- Mr Elias Loo, Teacher

If I’m correct about you, developing enterprising students is one of the most important issues on your agenda all the time

And for good reason. Enterprising students will have the abilities to adapt, strive and thrive in both rosy and trying economics times.

But cultivating enterprising students may be the single most difficult task you face. Experience proves that the inability to instil the resources needed for students to be enterprising is the major reason most training programmes fail.


For the past 5 years, schools like Singapore Chinese Girls’, Xinmin Secondary, Victoria School, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian High, Chung Cheng High (Yishun) and Cedar Girls', and many more schools have been using the Enterprise Resource Point™ (ERP™) to transform strategy into action.

Their students have benefited tremendously from ERP™ because they are able to directly apply the skills acquired and knowledge gained. ERP™ emphasises on the relevance of students’ daily lives so that they can experience them and witness the concepts at work every single day around them.

Hua Yi Secondary School

Students found the program beneficial and they enjoyed the simulation very much. The material you provided is adequate and the pace of your lessons was just right. The students actually ask for more courses next year!

- Mdm Yeo Siew Lan, Teacher

You are invited to benefit from this invaluable tool that’s equipping thousands of students with the necessary resources to becoming more enterprising. ERP™ can help the students translate ideas into action more quickly and consistently.

NEW! Complimentary DiSC® profiling test* for understanding about the behavioural and interaction patterns of each student with others. It is utterly essential for everyone to learn be a superb leader and great team player to succeed in life

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

The course is a very interesting course which has provided me with useful skills, and the trainer was very nice, friendly and helpful. Overall, the course was wonderful. I think the course should extend.

- Devi Shree, Student

Reply today! ERP™ is the ultimate Enterprise Resource Point™ your students will return to again and again. I am confident that your students will find ERP™ rewarding. Making it a priority could well be the most important decision you make today.

Call or email us for a no-obligation appointment to know about how our ERP™ can benefit your students and suits your unique requirements.

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* Complimentary DiSC® profiling test is only available for Business Expresso™ & Business Incubation™

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