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Shanghai Aerospace, Technology & And Cultural Immersion Study Visit

Tao Nan School

The trip is enjoyable, well-organised and the lessons at Jin Xin Primary School are simply delightful and dazzling!

The trip should be recommended to others who are interested in Science and especially in Aeronautics technology. Thanks to the wonderful host, detailed planning and execution.

It was a very timely visit to Shanghai Urban Planning Centre as Shanghai would be the host in 2010. I was very touched by the promoting video exhibited there. It was my personal favourite. It really showed the beauty, diversity and majesty of China, the great and forthcoming Superpower

- Ms Clarice Ong, Teacher-in-charge

This is the twinning project between Shanghai Society of Astronautics (China) and SpeedB Pte Ltd.

The objective is for students to have the opportunity for overseas exposure to deepen their knowledge and understanding of China’s Modern Technology, History, Culture and Geography through this immersion study trip.

This mind-blowing tour will definitely foster deep friendship and understanding amongst the students from both countries and we can expect a lot more good co-operations between the two countries in many years to come, which is the ultimate vision for us.



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